What happens when people from different cultures meet?


Sfinx Film/TV collaborates with Danish Public service DR, TV2, The Danish Film Institute and international Broadcasters. In addition to documentaries, we produce a series of educational films. Our productions are used for debates on social issues.


Since 1987

Welcome to Sfinx Film/TV - an independent production company. The topics and issues we make films about, arise from our interest in people and the way people get along. We aim to focus on the thoughts, experiences and emotions of individual human beings. Our productions are often about unusual individuals having to make unusual choices. We seek to reach the heart of the topic or event we depict in our films via personal accounts.


Annette Mari Olsen and

Katia Forbert Petersen

are the driving forces behind Sfinx Film/TV,


working together with a wide range of

qualified filmmakers on each individual production.


The team behind

Sfinx Film / TV



Mission Rape - A tool of war

  • Nominated for PRIX EUROPA  TV-IRIS Category 2014


Sound on Life


  • Recieved The Danish Academy Award - Robert 2007 for best short documentary



Behind the mountains


  • Awarded with the Jury Prize at Taiwan International Childrens' TV & Film Festival, Taipei January 2006



When Mum and Dad are Clowns


  •  Jury Award, Taiwan International Childrens' TV & Film Festival, Taipei January 2004



The time before the Moment


  • Awarded with Aller Press Prize: The Ada Aller Bequest for the production of quality documentaries 1999


They don't Burn Priest, do they?



  • Prix Europa Special Prize for Best Television Documentary 1997
  • Special Commendation, Prix Niki 1997
  • 2nd Prize a the Nordic Glory Festival, Finland 1997
  • Danish TV Academy nomination 1998
  • Best Documentary of the year at Lübeck


Two Women on a River


  • Grand Prix at the ITVA-Festival, Denmark 1997
  • Award for Best Documentary of the year, at the 6th International ITVA-Festival, USA 1998
  • Award for Best Photography of the year, at the 6th International ITVA-Festival, USA 1998



A Quiet Day in Gedsted


  • Best Photography at the national ITVA Festival, Copenhagen 1997



Like Birds in a Cage and War is not for Children


  • Awarded as Best Director of the year, at the European Youth film festival in Antwerp in the Netherlands in 1997
  • The best short film of the year, at the Danish children's film festival in Copenhagen in 1995


You Have to be Round to Live in a Globe


  • Special Commendation for Serials and Documentary Miniseries, Prix Europa, 1992



Madsen’s Hotel


  • Special Commendation non-fiction, Prix Europa-Television Programme of the Year, 1991



A Pig after my Heart


  • Gold Medal, Prix National, Festival de la Commission des Communauts Europennes, 1990



A Wanted Child


  • Bronze Medal, New York Television Festival, 1990